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5 Pre Rolls filled with The" Elon Smoke Blend" Which includes,Thyme, Wild Daga, Lemon Balm, Red Rose, White Sage, Hops, Muillien, Lavender & Uva ursi For Full Relaxation.


28 Deep Sleep Capsules (Hops, Camomlie, Valerian)


1 oz Collidle Silver


Sleep Crystal Random Choice (Blue Apatite, Blue Calcite, Selenite)


7 (Which is a 1 Week Supply) "Deep Sleep Damiana Tea"  Beautiful Damiana Herb to assist you with Sleep



The main purpose of your immune system is to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Without it, they’d have free reign and you’d be constantly falling ill. Your immune system works by recognising the difference between your body’s cells and alien cells, allowing it to destroy any that could be potentially harmful.


The purpose of the immune system is to defend itself and keep microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi, out of the body and to destroy any infectious microorganisms that do invade the body.

Delta Deep Sleep Pack

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Immune Boost
$49.56every month until canceled
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