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Dried Red Raspberry Leaf



Red Raspberry Leaf contains compounds that make it both delicious to eat and beneficial to the body.


The moment Red Raspberry Leaf gets into your system, you begin to experience its ability to heal. Its tannins make your mouth pucker which activates your digestive system! This astringency helps with gastrointestinal  problems like ulcers and diarrhea.

Its bioactive polyphenols help bring down inflammation in the body. This additional healing characteristic paired with its astringency makes Red Raspberry Leaf an absolute charm for sore throats and leaky guts because it tightens internal tissue and stops it from expanding!!

As your body processes the herb’s ellagic acid, it bolsters your immune system and fights dangerous free radicals. Free radicals cause chain reactions that can lead to serious disease. This is why you need antioxidant rich remedies to stop that reaction and repair any damage.


Overall, Red Raspberry Leaf has many healing properties, but its two very best uses are


1) as a nutritive herb

2) as a supporting nutrient for uterine health.



Red Raspberry Leaf contains many vitamins and minerals and significant amount of calcium which fortifies bones and teeth. This is especially important because women have less bone tissue than men and are more susceptible to bone thinning over time


Red Raspberry Leaf is also high in magnesium. This necessary mineral nourishes your nerves and muscles while helping your body make food into energy. It also contains potassium.

Not only does Red Raspberry Leaf make for strong bones and strong muscles, it also fortifies your blood with iron. About 70% of the iron in your body is found in your blood supply. So This is a vital mineral it responsible for bringing oxygen all around the body.

Red Raspberry Leaf also contains Vitamin A which plays a key role in two important systems of the body: immune response and reproductive health. Vitamin A helps your body defend itself by keeping your white blood cells abundant and healthy.

In addition to immune support, Red Raspberry Leaf also contains Vitamin C which helps your body fight infection. Vitamin C helps your connective tissue stay strong as well.


As you can See this Herb is Super beneficial on Many Spectrums





Dried Red Raspberry Leaf

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