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Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous earth is made up of fossils of tiny algae-like organisms called diatoms. It is a soft white powder made of 80 to 90 percent silica. Many people are not aware of the many uses and benefits of diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth carries a negative charge so it attracts positively charged toxins and heavy metals from the body and flushes them out




Benefits of using Diatomaceous Earth as a Detox Agent


Diatomaceous earth reduces odors

Helps reduce gas

Cleans the digestive tract

Increases liver function

Absorbs harmful toxins




Also avalible with Bentonite Clay


Bentonite clay is often used to relieve nausea, acid reflux, and diarrhea. It's also a safe and effective way to heal Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A chronic gastrointestinal disorder that affects the large intestine causing diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and gas.

(IBS) and heal Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with Bentonite Clay

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