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These Disposable tea bags with drawstrings are made from 100% Natural Wood Pulp and are reusable. Great to brew loose leaf tea or stew herbs and spices.


Features & Benefits


  • Natural wood pulp filter paper, unbleached, burlywood color
  • Processed by UV sterilization and infrared drying
  • Allow the tea to seep through easily, steeps a flavor full and enjoyable brew!
  • Perfect for single cup, travel mug, glass, or small pots etc



How To Use 


  • 1. Pack loose tea in a filter bags
  • 2. Gently tighten the rope
  • 3. Place the filter bag into cup
  • 4. Pick up the bag and get a cup of tea


Disposable Tea Bags are Widely used for:


  • tea, coffee, scented tea, herbal tea DIY
  • foot bath package, hot pot package, soup package
  • clean air bamboo charcoal bag, sachet bag



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Unbleached Disposable Tea Bags

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