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Looking to Connect?


Join our New Healing Circle!!!


This is an in person/Donation Based Group. To join please go to the Womens healing Circle page and leave your information. Some one from our team will email you!


First what is a Balance Being, Who are We?


A Group of Like Minded Individuals, who are Thought Leaders here to Raise the Vibration of Earth through Art, Words, Media, Luv, Light and Our Truths. We are here to share the True Stories of Our Personal Lives and We Own the Narrative. 


We achieve to provide a Safe Space for our Members to freely speak their minds in a judgement free zone with others around for positive upliftment and encouragement and of course to have a good time, Build and Reach Goals Together.


Healing circles bring together people who seek meaning and connection as well as those who share a challenging life experience such as loneliness, grief, racism, aging, and illness. Through circles, we begin to realize how much we have in common with people all over.


Within this circle, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and compassion, with the goal of not only healing ourselves but extending that healing energy to our loved ones and the world.


The Balance bing Circle Sessions are a sanctuary of trust, connection, and inner rejuvenation, carefully crafted to guide you on this incredible journey of self-discovery and collective healing.


If that Sounds like a Chill Environment, Join Us!!


What's Included


  • A Safe Space to Speak Yo Mind Freely without Judgment

  • 2 times a month in person meet -up

  • 2 times a month Email For the New Moon Full Moon Navigation  a day before the (New/Full Moon)

  • Access to Spiritual and Health Expert

  • Join a Family and have a Network of Others which you can learn and grow from!

  • Leverage Relationships that Can Last a Lifetime (Priceless)




Women's Monthly Healing Circle

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