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Just Natal

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  • 144 US dollars
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Service Description

What is a natal chart? You're probably familiar with Sun-sign astrology or the "horoscope" you see online that generalizes the current planetary activity for each of the twelve signs. But your horoscope, tailored to you, is actually your birth or "natal chart." This circular diagram—which kind of resembles the Wheel of Fortune spinner—is calculated based on your date, place, and minute of birth. It's a snapshot of where the planets were positioned the moment you took your first breath. No one else would have the same reading as you unless all of these details were the same. Natal astrology is the system of astrology based on the concept that each individual's personality or path in life can be determined by constructing a natal chart for the exact date, time, and locations of that individual's birth. Men and women who are DEVOTED to self awareness, to healing and to personal growth. And even with all the inner work that these folks have done, there are still profound questions that arise in their lives that they need some help in answering like: What is my souls purpose? I know that I have a mission and a destiny to fulfill but I am not always sure that I am on the right track. Why is it still sometimes so difficult for me to know what I want? How can I learn to accept and love all of myself especially those aspects of who I am that I judge and feel ashamed about? What are my natural gifts and talents, how do I best support their growth and development and in what areas of my life can they be utilized to their fullest potential? What is it that will allow me the greatest sense of happiness and fulfillment in my life? A good astrology reading can answer all these questions… and more

Cancellation Policy

To Reschedule any appointments one must let us no 24 hours in advance If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you must reschedule If it happens multiple times you will be asked to put down a deposit

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  • Colorado Springs, CO, USA


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